Angelo Garini. Emotions Designer

My work is the result of a whole life spent breathing Art, Design, Elegance and Creativity.

Everything, my true passion for antiques, the deep love for flowers and colours; and my delicate taste for a raffinate dinner set-up. It is all the result of a journey through my life and through the legacy of my family.

A family who showed me how to embrace my sensibility; and who thought me how to reach and express my true self through the concept of “Arte di Vivere”.

This is why I take care of each and every project with the spirit of an elegant and careful host wishing to entertain, delight, and astonish its guests.

Garini Immagina is the brand I created to make all the shades of my world accessible. It Is the way we can share together a path in my world and my imagination.

I design Wedding, Events, Interiors, unique products. I design Emotions.
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